Natural Gas for Industry

The Process of Transporting Gas to the Consumer:

The natural gas passes through an underground pipe from the natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean to the Ashdod Reception Facility, where the gas is cleaned and filtered and sent to the transmission company, Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL). INGL transmits the gas at a high pressure (55–80 BAR) to pressure reduction and counting facilities (PRMS). From these facilities, the gas passes to the distribution company’s facilities at a low pressure of 16 BAR. It finally arrives at the company’s consumer facility, where it is used in production, heating, power and other processes.

Industrial Uses:

Natural gas is a clean and cheap energy source used to produce heat directly for boilers and ovens. It is also used in local electric power production. During the power production process, residual heat is used to produce heat or cold as needed, thus significantly lowering consumer energy costs.

Natural gas provides users with green, cheap, reliable and safe energy.

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